Bronze is more commonly known for Machining and Engineering but it is also holding popularity within the specialist finishes sector. With its unique colour and durability.

 Frequently used within the Marine sector due to its corrosion strength against salt-water.


Phosphur Bronze & Leaded Gunmetal


PB1 -     Leaded Bronze for Medium/Heavy loads

LG1 -     Leaded Gun Metal Medium strength

LG2 -     Leaded Gun Metal - Most commonly used grade

LB4 -      Concast Leaded Bronze - Medium to heavy load

PB102 - Phosphur Bronze - Most Commonly used grade for Engineering

PB104 - Phosphur Bronze - High Strength wear resistance

SAE660 - Leaded Bronze - used for medium strength pressure bearings


Aluminium Bronze


CA104 - Nickel Aluminium Bronze with high corrosion resistance

DEF STAN  02-833 - MoD Aluminium Bronze with very high corrosion resistance and strength

DEF STAN 02-834 - MoD Aluminium Silicon Bronze with low magnetism

C63000 - US Ni Aluminium Bronze high corrosion resistance and strength

AB2 - Cast Aluminium Bronze with high corrosion resistance.